Goals and Activities

The goal of the Institute e-Austria Timisoara is to create an environment for IT foundational and applied research and competitive product development,and also to constitute the nucleus and the driving force for a new international Park for Information Technologies (e-Technologies) in Timisoara.

The intellectual power of this institute is build upon the joint competence of the faculty and graduates of the computer science departments of the universities in Timisoara. The institute is mainly engaged in joint R&D e-technology projects between the computer science departments of the universities in Timisoara, the institute, and the e-technologies industry.

The overall political, scientific, technological, and economical goals are:

  • create opportunities for the e-technology experts (professors and graduates) of the Timisoara region to stay in Timisoara and to contribute to the technological, economical and social welfare of their home country,
  • create an international environment for high-quality research and development for the benefit of all partners,
    establish a firm and dynamic link between academia and economy in the Timisoara region,
  • create, directly and indirectly, a strong economic impulse for the city of Timisoara and the Timisoara region,
  • create a frame for scientific and economic interaction and cooperation between the Timisoara region and EU countries,
    and, thereby, establish a model for long-lasting and sustaining measures for a harmonic and beneficial European integration.

The main activity of the Institute e-Austria Timisoara consists in carrying out R&D projects

  • in all areas of the e-technologies,
  • in foundational research, applied research, competitive and pilot product development,
  • involving faculty and staff of the Computer Science and computer-related departments of the universities in Timisoara,
  • involving faculty and staff of national and international partner universities
  • involving IT-companies in the Timisoara region, in other regions in Romania, in EU countries, and other countries
  • building up and involving an own work force of junior and senior e-technology experts,
  • using payments from individual companies for the projects defined by these companies in cooperation with the Institute e-Austria Timisoara,
  • applying for and using significant funds from appropriate EU-programs and national and international funding agencies.

One significant part of the activity of the Institute e-Austria Timisoara is constituted by direct technology-transfer projects with companies from Europe. These projects allow commercial companies active in the field of e-technologies to take advantage of the high scientific expertize of the institute in order to improve their production process, the quality of their products (including more efficient testing), and in general in order to increase their competitivity on the market by using the most advanced information technologies. The institute offers:

  • highly skilled scientists and e-technology specialists, combining the expertize of the faculty from RISC, the West University, and the Politechnica University;
  • access to the expertize in successful achievement of e-technology projects from the above academic departments,
  • cooperation with companies with high expertize from Europe;
  • access to European funds for RTD.